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Japanese management technique based on 5 simple principles:

  • Select: Remove from the workspace whatever is useless.
  • Organize: Organize the workspace effectively.
  • Cleaning: Improve the level of cleanliness of places.
  • Standardize: Prevent the appearance of dirt and disorder (Signaling and repeating) Establish rules and procedures.
  • Discipline: Promote efforts in this regard.
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It is a process of continuous improvement based on concrete actions, simple and little onerous, and that involves all the workers of a company, from the managers to the base workers. As it implies a change of attitude in the worker and also in the company , both definitions point to different parts but at no time lose their connection, the one cannot exist without the other, something similar to the Taoist philosophy that establishes yin and yang .

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Lean production is a management model that focuses on minimizing the losses of manufacturing systems while maximizing the creation of value for the end customer. For this, it uses the minimum amount of resources, that is, those strictly necessary for growth. Types of waste:

- Overproduction.
- Wasted time.
- Transport.
- Excess procedures.
- Inventory.
- Movements.
- Defects.
- Don't use people's creativity.

Eliminating wastefulness improves quality and reduces production time and cost

Productive Diagnostic Diagram

Issue Low Impact Medium Impact High Impact
Low quality N/A N/A Product in Rejection
Low productivity N/A N/A Few pieces a day
High manufacturing costs N/A N/A Payment of wages without delivery of finished product
Unexpected cost overruns N/A N/A Variation in final product delivery
Job performance N/A N/A Tiredness and absenteeism
“Companies no longer compete with products but with business models. These models are born of innovation and the more intense it is, the more competitive they are.” Peter Drucker en Managing in the Next Society.

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