Collapsible Tube Sealer


Collapsible tube sealing machine with "Double Safety Striated Closure". Pneumatic and Biphasic Connection at 220 volts. Robust equipment with versatile operation and stainless steel finishes.

Collapsible Tube Sealing

  • 110 Volt electrical connection.
  • Independent "Dual-Digital" Temperature Control for Internal-External heating.
  • Digital piece counter.
  • Capacity for tubes from Ø19mm to Ø50mm.
  • Machine dimensions: Width = 60cm (* 94cm with Ramps) / Depth = 50cm / Height = 110cm.
  • Weight Approx. 80 Kilograms.


  • Easy to Transport, Install and Operate Equipment.
  • The setting and daily use of the equipment makes it a very versatile machine when changing references.
  • High precision equipment due to its digital characteristics.
  • High specification sealing not only technical but visual allows you to increase the quality of your products.

Guaranteed Fluted Sealing

Secure your investment by acquiring equipment with guaranteed return .

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